Seiichi Miyamoto, Ph.D.
Professor (Retired)
Salinity Management

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Research Emphasis

Dr. S. Miyamoto, Professor of Soil and Crop Science, Texas A&M University; Adjunct Professor at UT El Paso and New Mexico State University. Specialized and known internationally for research of saline soils, irrigation water quality, and soil and water management. Extensive research and consulting experience in irrigated crop production in arid and semi-arid regions of the US and abroad. Current research areas include spectral properties of saline soils, phyico-chemical properties of saline sodic soils, irrigation scheduling for controlling salinity, salt tolerance of crop and landscape plant species, reclamation of salt and sodium-affected soils, soil and irrigation management in irrigated land, modeling of salts and water transport in semi-arid rivers, and disposal/reuse of saline wastewater and reclaimed water in arid and semi-arid regions.

The current projects include: Strategies for improving saline water utilization and management in the Rio Grande Basin (Hatch Project),  Efficient irrigation management in the Rio Grande Basin (CSREES), Salt storage and release in and from riparian zones of a semi-arid river (TWRI), Salinity monitoring and modeling of the Rio Grande above Amistad (Texas Higher Education Board), and Establishment of guidelines for landscape uses of reclaimed water with elevated salinity (EPWU,  El Paso Water Utilities.)

Selected Publications

Miyamoto, S., M. Borah, A. Chacon, and R. Muttiah, 2003. Streamflow and salinity relationship in semi-arid watershed. (Submitted).

Howari, F.M., Goodell, P.C., Miyamoto, 2002. Spectral properties of salt crusts formed on saline soils. J. Environ. Quality. 31:1453-1461.

Howari, F.M., Goodell, P.C., and Miyamoto, S., 2002. Spectroscopy of salts common in saline soils. In “Laboratory Spectroscopy to Remotely Sensed Spectra of Terrestrial Ecosystem. Muttiah (Ed.), Kluwer Acad. Press.

Miyamoto, S. 2002. Guidelines for developing soil and water management programs: Irrigated pecans. TAES/TWRI Publication. TR-188 March 2002.

Miyamoto, S., and J.M. White, 2002. Foliar salt damage of landscape plants induced by sprinkler irrigation. TWRI TR-1202. March 2002.

Miyamoto, S., 2002. Irrigation with water of elevated salinity: Guides for planners, managers, and supervisors. Texas A&M Univ. Agricultural Research Center at El Paso.

Miyamoto, S., 2002. Salinity problems of the middle Rio Grande. Irrigation Conference, Hilton Inn, Las Cruces, NM. March 2002. p46-62.

Howari, F.M., Goodell, P.C., Miyamoto, S., Penn, B. 2000. Spectral reflectance characteristics of salt deposited on the soil surfaces. Second EARSel Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy, ITC, the Netherlands, July 11-12.

Howari, F.M., Goodell, P.C., Miyamoto, S., Penn, B. 2000. Spectral properties of silty clay loam and fine sandy loam treated with gypsum, halite and their mixtures: Inter. Conf. on Applied Remote Sensing, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Miyamoto, S., 1998. Use of acids and acidulants in alkali soils and water. In “Handbook of Soil Conditioners”, Wallace & Terry (Eds). Marcel Dekker, INC. NY.

Assadian, N.W., L.C. Esparza, L.B. Fenn, A.S. Ali, S. Miyamoto, 1998. Spatial variability of heavy metals in irrigated alfalfa field in the Upper Rio Grande. Agr. Water Mgt. 36:141-156.

Glenn, E.P., S. Miyamoto, D. Moore, 1997. Water requirements for cultivating Salicornia Bigelovii, Torr. with seawater in a coastal desert environment. J. Arid Environ. 36:711-730.

Miyamoto, S., 1996. Salt tolerance, water use and potential irrigation scheduling of halophytes. In “Halophytes and Biosaline agriculture”. Choukr-Alloh et al (Eds) Marcel Dekker, NY.

Miyamoto, S. 1996. Salinity of the Rio Grande: Trends and management implications. Terra 14:265-278.

Miyamoto S., L.B. Fenn, and D. Swietlik. 1995. Flow, salts, and trace elements in the Rio Grande. Texas Water Resources Inst. Report MP 1764/TR-169.

Miyamoto, S., and W. Mueller. 1994. Irrigation with saline water: certain environmental implications. Proc. Int. Soil Sci. Congress Vol 3a: 256-277.

Miyamoto, S., and N. Pingitore. 1992. Predicting calcium and magnesium precipitation in saline solutions following evaporation. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 56:1767-1775.

Rhoades, J.D., and S. Miyamoto. 1990. Testing soils for salinity and sodicity. In: Soil testing and plant analysis. ASA, Madison, Wisconsin.

Miyamoto, S. 1977. Predicting the effects of sulfuric acid on irrigation and drainage water quality. J. Environ. Qual. 6:12-18.

Miyamoto, S., and A.W. Warrick. 1974. Two dimensional displacement into or from water filled ditches. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. Proc. 38:723-727

Additional Publications

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