Girisha Ganjegunte

Girisha Ganjegunte
Associate Professor, Ph.D., CPSS
Water Resources and Salinity Management

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Dr. Girisha K. Ganjegunte is Associate Professor of Water Resources and Salinity Management affiliated with the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences located at Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center at El Paso, Texas. He has more than twelve years of research experience in the areas of salinity management, irrigation water quality and soil carbon sequestration. His research program specializes in salinity assessment and management, beneficial uses of waters with elevated salinity (industrial wastewater, graywater, reclaimed water, brackish groundwater), and on-farm water conservation. Current research includes developing adaptation strategies to potential climate change impacts on water and salinity; developing alternative water supplies for agricultural irrigation; rapid assessment of salinity in agriculture fields and urban landscapes (golf courses) at a high spatial resolution at different scales using proximal, hyperspectral and remote sensing techniques; evaluation of S burner treatment and novel nanostructured membrane for improving water quality; determining appropriateness and efficiencies of soil amendments for root-zone salinity management, salinity screening of industrial crops/cultivars and evaluating different sensors for improving on-farm water use efficiency. In addition to serving on graduate student committees, Dr. Ganjegunte has trained and mentored four technicians and 25 part-time undergraduate students. Many of these undergraduate students have enrolled in graduate programs, pursued science teaching and joined industry workforce. He is serving as Associate Editor of tri-society journal “Journal of Environmental Quality” in addition to serving on editorial boards of other international journals; ad-hoc reviewer of several peer reviewed journals; nominated for leadership roles in Agronomy and Soil Science Societies of America and is the recipient of Outstanding Young Agricultural Scientist Award by AASIO. He has provided many invited presentations at extension meetings, regional, state and international scientific conferences. Dr. Ganjegunte received his Ph.D. in Soil Science from Lincoln University, New Zealand. Prior to joining TAMU, Dr. Ganjegunte worked at the University of Wyoming and Tata Energy Research Institute, India.

Selected Publications

Ganjegunte, G.K., J.A. Clark, M. Parajulee, S. Kumar and J. Enciso. 2018. Evaluation of sulfur burner for salinity management in irrigated cotton fields in the arid west Texas. Agrosystems, Geosciences & Environment (Accepted).

Suthar, J. D., I. Rajpar, G.K. Ganjegunte and Zia-ul-hassan. 2018. Evaluation of Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) genotypes performance under different irrigation water salinity levels: Growth parameters and seed yield. Industrial Crops and Products 123:247-253.

Suthar, J. D., I. Rajpar, G.K. Ganjegunte and Zia-ul-hassan. 2018. Comparative study of early growth stages of 25 guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) genotypes under elevated salinity. Industrial Crops and Products 123:164–172.

Ganjegunte, G.K., G. Niu, A. Ulery, and Y. Wu. 2018. Treated urban wastewater irrigation effects on bioenergy sorghum biomass, quality and soil salinity in an arid environment. Land Degradation & Development 29:534–542.

Cox, C., L. Jin, G. K. Ganjegunte, D. Borrok, V. Lougheed, and L. Ma. 2018. Soil Quality changes due to flood-irrigation in agricultural fields along the Rio Grande in western Texas. Applied Geochemistry 90:87-100.

Ganjegunte, G.K., G. Niu, A. Ulery, Y. Wu. 2018. Organic carbon, nutrient, and salt dynamics in saline soil and switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) irrigated with treated municipal wastewater. Land Degradation & Development 29: 80-90.

Ganjegunte, G.K., B. Leinauer, E. Sevostianova, M. Serena and R. Sallenave. 2017. Soil salinity of an urban park after long-term irrigation with saline groundwater. Agronomy Journal 109:3011–3018.

Ganjegunte, G.K. and J.A. Clark. 2017. Improved Irrigation Scheduling for Freshwater Conservation in the Desert Southwest U.S. Irrigation Science 35: 315-326.

Ganjegunte, G.K., A. Ulery, G. Niu, Y. Wu. 2017. Effects of Treated Municipal Wastewater Irrigation on Soil properties, Switchgrass Biomass Production and Quality under Arid Climate. Industrial Crops and Products 99:60-69.

Enciso, J. Jifon, L. Ribera, S.D. Zapata, and G.K. Ganjegunte. 2015. Yield, Water Use Efficiency and Economic Analysis of Energy Sorghum in South Texas. Biomass and Bioenergy 81:339-344.

Szynkiewicz, A. D.M. Borrok, G.K. Ganjegunte, G. Skrzypek, L. Ma, M. Rearick, and G. Perkins. 2015. Isotopic studies of the Upper and Middle Rio Grande. Part 2 – Salt loads and human impacts in south New Mexico and west Texas. Chemical Geology 411:336–350.

Ganjegunte, G.K., Z. Sheng, and R. Braun. 2011. Salinity Management Using an Anionic Polymer in a Pecan Field with Calcareous-Sodic Soil. Journal of Environmental Quality 40:1314-1321.

Johnston, C.R. *, G.F. Vance, and G.K. Ganjegunte. 2008. Irrigation with Coalbed Natural Gas Co-Produced Water. Agricultural Water Management 95:1243-1252.

Additional Publications

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